Friday, June 10, 2011

#10 Best Small Biz: Uncle Betty's Diner

On Yonge Street north of Eglinton, you'll find newly opened Uncle Betty's Diner, the love child of husband and wife entrepreneurs Robert Lewocz and Samara Melanson.  Once I saw the retro-inspired sign out front, I was compelled to pop in for lunch since I'm partial to all things 50's (have I mentioned before that I wish I lived in the movie Pleasantville?)  You'll find your favourite diner comfort foods on the generously varied menu, with classics like onion rings and chili dogs.  I opted for the pulled pork sandwich since hardly any restaurants serve 'em, and I was not disappointed!  Marinated & cooked for 24 hours!  If its sweets you love, check out their homemade donuts & twinkees, or many flavours of ice cream (like roasted marshmallow)!  Brunch, lunch & dinner at 2590 Yonge Street whenever you're in the mood for great comfort food and a little time travel!  Just don't tip like it's still 1950...a nickel just doesn't go as far as it used to! 

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