Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pick #28: Best secret huge cheap ice cream in Burlington!

There are lots of places to take your kids (or yourself) for ice cream on warm summer evenings.  You can wait in a lengthy drive thru at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard served up by a surly 15-year-old, or you can head down by the lake and wait in equally long lines of people standing around for expensive cones and lacklustre service.  You could grab a $1 cone at Ikea (a great idea if it's raining), although speaking from experience you'll probably end up spending much more on home accessories you weren't planning on buying when you do that.  What my husband and I usually end up doing is heading to a little-known variety Store in Burlington's west-end where there are hardly ever lineups, the cones are big, and the prices are low!  It's Murray's Variety (although I'm pretty positive the guy who runs it is not named Murray...) and it's at the corner of Plains Road East and Waterdown Road. 

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