Saturday, July 2, 2011

School's Out! Best GTA Fun for Families is my pick #29!

A tour-de-force of amazing family fun is my focus for pick #29 (late, yes - i was busy having family fun - haha).  So for anyone taking a local staycation this year I've got lots of fun ideas for you!  The golden horseshoe tour of fun begins at Niagara Falls to take in one of the wonders of the world, with a stop at Marineland of course (where this year a season's pass is only an extra $5 over regular admission - a great deal!).  Next we pop in to nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake to grab some fudge from Maple Leaf Fudge, marvel at the holiday decorations in Just Christmas (we're already half way to Christmas this year you know), and grab some unique toys from The Owl and the Pussycat.   Hop up Hwy 6 from there and don't miss The African Lion Safari - always a favourite with kids of all ages (where else do monkeys climb on your car?).  Across the 401 stop in at Mountsberg Conservation Area for some hiking, biking, boating or fishing.  You need a little exercise and nature on your holiday, right?  Then finish your tour at the most exciting place of all: Wonderland!  Those looping roller coasters will be the most memorable part of any summer staycation!  School's out - have fun and go make some memories :)

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