Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shop #8: Boa

One of my favourite reasons to stroll through Toronto's 'Beaches' area was always so I could pop into Boa and grab something cute, trendy and shockingly affordable.  Everything I bought there over the past decade elicited "oooh, where'd you get that?" comments from my friends.  Always unique and well-priced clothing and accessories abound, and Boa's other locations (on Yonge north of Lawrence and now downtown Oakville) continue this great tradition.  Started by entrepreneurial twin sisters Ofra and Daphne Nissani, you'll find items not carried anywhere else, and labels you've never heard of (and the inexpensive pricetags to match!).  You know you've said this a million times: "I just really need a great top - why can I never find any dressy or interesting tops?"  I promise you, Boa will always solve that problem for you.  Great Store, great selection, and youthful laid-back service every time. 

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