Tuesday, October 18, 2011

As a follow up...here are my new shoes!

My short-lived saga on what shoes to wear now that the chilly weather is here has come to an abruptly pleasant end!

On sale for less than $40 at Mapleview Mall in Burlington, comfortable, and exactly as I was hoping for: a wedge loafer.  It's not real leather (you're welcome cows) which is fine by me, and the sole is a non-slip rubber (my fave).  It also comes in a lovely cognac colour.  It was a tough choice.  Thanks "Call It Spring" for an excellent deal!  I'm not sure I understand the deal with the name of the Store (Spring?  Call It Spring?  Which is it?) but since I now realize you're part of the Aldo family, I'm fine with it.  While I was at it, I couldn't resist these faux patent penny loafers (also on sale for under $40), since I'm in the mood to pull off a retro 80's look and I don't have my Bass Weejuns anymore.  I'll skip the baggy jeans and hairspray, but I may throw some New Order on the ipod :)

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