Sunday, October 16, 2011

What shoes are we supposed to wear in this weather???

I'm sincere in my quest for advice here ladies.  We are now at the point where every day in Ontario can be considered "chilly".  The rest of Canada as well, no doubt.  I thoroughly enjoy a good pair of skinny jeans tucked in to my riding running shoes are great when I'm headed to a workout class...and when I go out on the town (which you all know is, sadly, almost never these days), I gladly grab a pair of heels from my closet and show them a long-overdue good time.  It's the other days that I have major issues with.  The days I feel like wearing bootcut jeans or slightly cropped boyfriend jeans or those comfy flared khakis.  WHAT SHOES AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR???'s just too cold for barefooting it in ballet flats any longer, and those bootcut jeans are hemmed too long for flats anyway.   Riding boots look downright matronly under a full-length pant since they don't have a heel worth mentioning and the toe is just a plain round bulb.  I don't really want to wear dressed-up heels to the grocery store - I mean, this isn't L.A., there are no paparazzi following me, and I am certain I will not be showing up in the pages of US Weekly so I'd just look like I'm trying way too hard.  So what is left that looks girlie and appropriate?  Trust me, I have scoured the pages of Piperlime, Aldo, Nine West, Zappos, Cole Haan, Sperry, Keds, Nordstrom...and I am just running out of ideas people.  I love this black Coach option but do I really need to spend almost $200 just so I can leave the house to go buy bread?  Is it too much to ask for a decent wedge loafer to run errands in that won't break the bank?  Anyone with ideas, please please please leave a comment!  Otherwise, it's skinny jeans and riding boots every single day and I just don't think I can survive that much repetition!

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Lisa Pike said...

Oh I have the exact same problem!! I found your blog through Joelle...I actually have my eye on a pair of Fly London's at amazon. The Yoni High Wedge shoe in black patent. $166.55, little high, but I think they could swing both ways dressy and maybe worth the splurge. You can also find them on Gravity Pope. Good luck! Hope you find something fabulous!