Thursday, October 13, 2011

Banana Republic grand re-opening today at Yorkdale!

Just have to send a little bit of props out to my old alma mater as Banana Republic is having their grand re-opening tonight at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto complete with cocktails (and free umbrellas when you spend over $100)!  I guarantee the stunning expansion and renovation will blow your minds!  Gorgeous finishes, glamorous lighting, double the square footage, and a new exterior entrance on the north side.  As a retail vet, I have to tell you that few things in the working world (life-saving jobs aside) are as stressful and exhausting as helming a high volume store going through a full renovation.  I've watched many a competent colleague die a slow professional death this way and it's never pretty.  So allow me to offer some serious props to the lovely and talented Store Manager of Yorkdale's BR...Miss Katharine Barthel.  Somehow she survived this very lengthy months-long process, kept her staff in tact and her registers ringing, and I think she even did it without having to spend any nights sleeping on the floor with a sleeping bag!  Congrats team KB!

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