Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Express now open in Canada at Fairview Mall

Another retailer has made its way into Canadian malls.  Express has opened their first store in Toronto at Fairview Mall.  I can't say I've ever shopped at that mall, as it's a little out of the way and never had a unique store to draw me away from the usual stomping grounds, but Express just may do the trick!  Fairview Mall is at Don Mills & Sheppard in Toronto...just a little north of the 401, and a little west of the DVP.  You can get there via subway now so why not?  (just take the Sheppard Line from Yonge and then get off at Don Mills station).  I like Express for a) the almost constant availability of items with sequins, and b) the trendy pieces with inexpensive price tags.  This is not a store for building long-term quality basics into your wardrobe.  This is the store you go to when you want something fun to wear out on Saturday night because you're sick of everything in your closet.   Check out their website here, or a little slideshow of in-store pieces here, courtesy of one of Toronto's original style mavens, Rita Zekas (Toronto Star).  Enjoy!

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