Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bradley Cooper is so NOT the Sexiest Man Alive!

This blog is for the ladies, so I am taking a moment away from fashion, discounts & deals today to share my total disbelief & utter shock that People magazine released their "Sexiest Man Alive" issue for this year (normally something to look forward to and drool over) and somehow Bradley Cooper is awarded the title for 2011?  Um...I think not.  He's ok, but really he's JUST ok.  Like I doubt I'd take a second look if I passed him on the street.  Even his movies are just ok.  What is going ON with the world right now? 

What is the criteria for this honour?  Did he get extra points last month for possibly dating J.Lo?  I'd say it was all timed to coincide with a new movie he's going to be promoting, but actually he doesn't even have one coming out soon, so I'm honestly stumped.  How is my boy Ryan Gosling relegated to the smaller inset photo on the cover?  Tragic my friends, tragic.  All I can say is that there better be a bigger photo of Ryan on the inside.

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