Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Cocktail Dresses in Burlington

So many holiday functions coming up on the old social calendar in the coming weeks, right ladies?  There's your work party, your significant other's work party, a cocktail party at a neighbour's house, a night out with a few friends... What to wear?  What to wear!  Fortunately, "what to wear" is my favourite dilemma, and there are some really great options this time of year in every price range.

Jacob has really impressed me in recent years with their cocktail dresses, and I say this about their selection pretty much all year round.  It's like they all watch Mad Men around there and the silhouettes of all their frocks are totally fab.

Most of their dresses are nicely priced around $100 (like this red number for just $99) which means you can afford to look amazing no matter your budget.  So, aside from the inevitable risk of someone else at the party wearing the same thing (always a risk when you mall-shop my friends), Jacob is a great option for your holiday party outfits this year!  I am so loving the opaque black tights and black shoes with a brightly coloured dress look! 

If you want something more unique, something with more sparkle, and something with a "head turning" factor, my personal recommendation has to be Joelle's in Burlington.  The evening wear section there is always full of trendy designer LBDs, a healthy supply of sequins and gorgeously embellished cocktail dresses, not to mention the shoes, tights, clutches & jewellery to round out your 2011 holiday look. The amazing & attentive staff there will always find you just the right outfit to flatter your body-type and your personality!  For those of you who are looking for fabulous maternity dresses in Burlington you can also find those here - and speaking from experience, we all know how tough it is to find a really great formal maternity dress.  Joelle's doesn't disappoint no matter how big your belly is getting!

Regardless of what you wear, always remember that the confidence in your step and the smile on your face will be the most important contributors to how beautiful you look!  And lip gloss never hurts...


Amy Montgomery said...

"Amazing and attentive staff" ... well-put! Gotta love Joelle's! I know several people who have had success in their maternity dept. too!

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