Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Classic Retro Kids Toys for Christmas

I love retro kids toys.  They transport me back to a simpler time and make me feel like I'm in Pleasantville in the 50's.  In today's world of ever-changing new gadgets and video games, I also feel like they remind us that not all the best toys need batteries or a pixelated screen.  One of the places I always do a little holiday shopping for great stocking stuffers and old-fashioned toys is Lee Valley Tools.  It's probably not the store you naturally think of for toy shopping, but if you like retro you'll totally see what I mean.  You can grab building blocks, wooden ship-building kits, the Original Slinky Collector's Edition, or a build-your-own-kaleidoscope kit!  I also love this classic toddler sleigh!  We have one at home and the memories of pulling my daughter around in it on her first Christmas are happily vivid in my memory already!   They don't have the Red Rider Air Rifle from A Christmas Story, but that's probably for the best since we all know "'ll shoot your eye out!"  :)  Another great place for retro toys: Ohh! Beautiful Things! in Burlington.  Love their gorgeous Christmas displays inside - and no surprise they just won an award for them!

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Amy said...

Bought my girlie a "slide whistle" at Ohh! Beautiful Things last week. She's gonna love it!