Monday, December 5, 2011

20 More Days Til Christmas!

Yep.  There's only 20 days left until Christmas, which means only 19 shopping days are left!  How is your shopping coming along?  Would you hate me if I told you I finished on November 30th?  What do you expect from a girl who runs a shopping blog?  Besides, I like to get it done early so I can kick back and enjoy the view of everyone else running around like maniacs the whole month of December :) 

Need some ideas?  Tired of the mall parking lot mayhem and the risk of buying the same thing as someone else?  Check out the Burlington Holiday Gift Guide for 2011 and see what this great town has to offer from some of its best & most unique boutiques!  While you're here shopping, grab a delicious lunch or dinner at one of my fave new(ish) restaraunts The Alex.  Small plates of gourmet creations, perfect for sharing and oh-so-memorable!  Last time I was there I had bacon-wrapped-bacon, short ribs and crab cakes.  Talk about wow!

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