Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Love books? Check out Burlington's Best Book Store

The other day I walked into A Different Drummer Books, Burlington's best & most well-known book store.  It's one of those experiences you just can't get anywhere else.  There are thousands of books all over the walls, the stairs, the bookshelves...and I always get swept away exploring any that have a cover that strikes my fancy.  I end up spending an hour or more there every time, and perusing books that I never would have know about otherwise.  Was I surprised to see my grade-school librarian (from Kindergarten through Grade 6) is now in charge of their children's section?  Not at all.  Everyone who works there is totally passionate about books, and complete experts on pretty much everything in print.  You will never have the same adventure at a chain book store, or saving a few dollars by ordering online.  Some things just have to be experienced in person.  If you are having trouble finding a Christmas gift for someone on your list, let the amazing staff there recommend something.  I'm sure it will be absolutely perfect!

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