Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday's Muse: Liz Harrigan of Burlington

I met this lovely lady - Liz Harrigan - last week while touring Burlington's Chocolate Trail, as she works at one of the stops: Mrs. B's Gifthouse.

I was immediately impressed with her because as soon as she walked in the door you could instantly feel the vibrancy level in the Store jump up a few notches!  She has one of those bright personalities that radiate positive energy and fun!  When I asked for her last name, she sang it for me!  That pretty much says it all :)

Around her neck was a gorgeous red pendant she had gotten at a local charity event (involving her son-in-law, who is one of Burlington's handsome firefighters) and although it was a keychain when she got it, she quickly turned it into a necklace pendant, making far better use of such a stunning piece.  I'm always impressed when people girl things up like that!  Her jacket was very Chanel-esque (I won't tell you how little she paid for it, but let's just say she's an astute deal finder!), and you can see from her smile that she emanates warmth & friendliness.

Who needs the red carpet season when we have inspiring & original fashionistas all around us!?

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