Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Try-this Tuesday: The Spray Tan in Burlington/Toronto

Yes, you can get a great airbrushed spray-tan in Burlington.  And yes, you can get a great airbrushed spray-tan in Toronto.  Not the kind of orange Jersey-reality-show tan you cringe at when you see the cover of Us Weekly.  I mean a good one.  The kind that looks like you just spent a week on a sun-kissed beach in the Bahamas. 

And since this is the season Canadians take the most trips to warm, sunshine-filled places like Florida and the Caribbean, I thought I'd let you know that there IS a way to show up there not looking like you haven't seen daylight for 10 years.  Not only can you thus avoid blinding the locals with your paler-than-pale legs, you can instantly look 10 pounds slimmer.  It's basically a proven scientific fact (and by scientific, I mean not scientific at all but still totally true) that a tan makes you look thinner and healthier.  And who among us doesn't need a little extra confidence when we put on a bathing suit? 

Since I'm no advocate for baking yourself from the inside out in a tanning salon for weeks on end, I thought I'd share my preferred choice whenever I head on vacation: the airbrush spray tan!

I've traditionally gotten mine at one of the few places in Toronto that I know of that provides an excellent and natural looking spray tan: The Spa at The Windsor Arms.  Air brushed by a trained professional, you can get as many 'coats' as you like, having total control over how dark you get.  Their air-brush tanning is $50 for face & body, and I've never been disappointed.  It's also one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in Toronto, so it's always nice to visit.

Locally, I just found out that Blair Lancaster Spa in Burlington also offers airbrush tanning too, with very organic ingredients that increase it's safety over tanning beds even more!  At $45, it's a great deal.

For me, the best part of taking a winter vacation where you're already tanned is that you don't feel compelled to sit still in a beach chair building up a nice base since you already look like you've been there a week!  That always frees me up to do all the other things the island has to offer without obsessing about getting a tan the whole time.  Plus it is a huge destressor if it rains!   Here are some great tips on prepping for an airbrush tan & a bit more info on how it works!

For those of you heading on vacation soon, have a wonderful safe trip!  I will be here typing away with frozen fingers feeling insanely jealous...at least until I hop a plane myself in April!

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