Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap Day Sales! Who knew?

Incase you (like myself) didn't realize there was such a thing as Leap Day Sales - you're in luck because not only do they exist, but they're pretty darn good!  Maybe that extra sales day in the year gives our entrepreneurial friends a little more wiggle room to play with their pricing!  That's great news for those of us who love to shop!

Case in point - a couple of my favourite retailers in Burlington are having Leap Day Sales tomorrow (that's February 29th for those of you who haven't been paying attention to your calendar).

Ohh! Beautiful Things will be giving shoppers 29% off STOREWIDE all day on February 29th (10am-5pm)!  That's a fantastic deal on things like yoga jeans, girlish dresses, lacey tops, gorgeous jewelry, greeting cards and cute little chandeliers!  And sale items?  Take an additional 29% off those!  I love their Pink Martini line of tops & dresses.  Ultra feminine with such an affordable pricetag.

Joelle's and Jeff's Guy Shop are clearing out their sale inventory by slashing the price on anything that was originally $200 or less and letting you have it for just $29!  Are you kidding me?   Women's sweaters, men's dress shirts, maternity items - that's quite a bargain!  Open 10am-6pm tomorrow.

Mabel's Labels is also offering 29% off today - a GREAT deal!  Plus you'll find special Leap Day savings at your local IKEA!  (thanks SheriB!)

Looks like The Bay is in on the action with lots of online deals today only as well!

If you hear of any more impromptu Leap Day Sales, be sure to let me know at victoriabhughes@gmail.com

Happy Leap Day!

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