Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Try This Tuesday: Joe Fresh Lipgloss!

I am happily and excitedly giving my official stamp of approval to Joe Fresh lipgloss today!  At $8, I wasn't sure it would live up to some of my other faves like Mac Lipglass or Clinique Glosswear (both of which are around $20), but you know what?  It did! 

It's got a great texture, solid staying power, and comes in great colours to flatter any skin tone.  Plus it is virtually scentless, and I am pretty finicky about ensuring that my makeup doesn't smell like a perfumery.  One of my biggest pet peeves is opening a new brand of lipgloss only to find that it smells like cotton candy or english roses.  That's a pretty strong smell when you're wearing it about 1 cm from your nose.

The fact that I can grab some while I'm picking up bread and cheese at all the grocery stores that carry the Joe Fresh line also makes it far more convenient than heading to a mall and fighting for a parking space.  I really miss living on Queens Quay in Toronto where I could browse through their huge boutique attached to the Loblaws at the bottom of Jarvis.  Damn, that's a great spot.  Remember when it was Caban?  Ahh...the good old days.  I still can't believe Caban is gone...

Anyhoo - worth a try if you love lipgloss and hate spending too much on it!

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