Friday, July 6, 2012

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012 Recap

Oh, how I love fall fashion.  The layers, the embellishments, the luxurious fabrics.  It's such a change from summer's sparseness that I always welcome it with open arms.  This past week saw some of the world's top designers on display at Paris Fashion Week. 

YSL 80's Homage?
What would I give to have been there?  It comes very close to my first-born.  Not quite, but close.  Shmoozing with SJP, gawking at Kimye, and watching swan-like models sashay past me on the runway in breathtaking designs.  There were many to call favourites, so below you'll see my top picks. 

As for Yves St. Laurent, I felt like I was seeing 80's angles, cuts and fabric that should have stayed where they came from along with Culture Club cassettes and acid washed jeans. 

Actually there was quite a bit of 80's rocker angles and colour across a few designers if you ask me.  And that's one decade I could easily sweep under the rug of fashion history and never miss.   Here are a few faves:


Isabel Marant

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