Thursday, July 5, 2012

So is Mike really Magic? Ask me next week, dammit.

So last night a few gals and myself thought we'd head out to the movies.  We planned on seeing Magic Mike.  We figured it would be a lovely diversion and I have to admit - the trailer looked amazing!  Like, stop-what-I'm-doing-and-mesmerized-me amazing.  We planned it all a week ago, arranged the appropriate care for the miniature people in our homes, and drove to the theater.  One friend suggested we buy tickets ahead of time, yet for some reason none of us ended up doing that.  We were all busy with annoying things like Go-Train rides and doctor's visits and trying to survive 44-degree-weather at Wonderland.

Long story short...we did not see the movie.  When we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed there were no parking spots, even though it was a Wednesday night.  We noticed droves of women - young and old - being pulled towards the theater doors by some laser-beam-like force.  We all said out loud: "Is Wednesday night the new movie night or something?"  If it is, nobody told us

But no, it's not that Wednesday night is the new movie night.  It's not that it was so hot out and everyone's air conditioning was broken and they were simply seeking a reprieve.  It all came down to Mike and his Magic-ness.

The movie was Sold Out.  Like REALLY Sold Out.  Like Sold Out hours ago.  Maybe even days ago.  Apparently the mixture of humidity in the air, coupled with months of global discussions about Fifty Shades of Grey, has led every woman over the age of 18 to be quite primed to see a movie like Magic Mike.  And apparently they all needed to go last night.  Damn the collective consciousness.  You ruined my evening!

We shall try again another day, and still enjoyed our mojitos and girl talk down the street.  In the meantime, there's always the trailer to get me through the day.

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