Friday, August 24, 2012

Banana Republic Friends & Family: The Perfect Fall Outfit

I made my way to Banana Republic yesterday (Yorkdale of course - it's so huge and gorgeous with the biggest selection in Ontario - how could I not?) for their Friends & Family discount event.

If you are one of their email subscribers, you likely received the coupon this week entitling you to 30% off your entire online purchase this weekend, or - even better - 50% off FIVE items in-store.  I opted for the in-store deal, as half price is a deal you rarely ever see in retail these days!  Half price on trench coats, shoes, belts, dresses, scarves, jewelry, suits, sweaters, denim...everything!

I walked away with an outfit I consider to be absolutely perfect for Fall.  I can already see myself walking through a farmer's market on a Saturday in it, picking up a pumpkin pie or some autumn delicacies!   Their new Ashley ballet flats are the most comfortable ballets I have ever slipped on my feet.  Of the dozen different styles, I picked a patent tortoiseshell, which will literally go with almost every Fall outfit I own.  I also grabbed a pair of their dark wash skinny jeans, which fit me like a glove.  I usually have to hem skinnies, and take in a bit at the waist to remove that little gape above my booty at the back, but since I picked up a pair from their petites section, they don't need a single alteration!  If you're 5ft 4inches or shorter, I highly recommend you try on petites there (no matter what your weight).  The armholes in tops are a little smaller, the length of sleeves and shirts are a little shorter, and the inseams on pants are a little smaller and shorter as well.  You may need to go up a size, but overall it will likely fit you MUCH better and require no altering.

I also picked up a beautiful camel-coloured sweater.  This is my absolutely favourite colour for Fall.  I was really happy to see Banana Republic bringing back some of the finer details that set their clothes apart from others: like this gorgeous gold zipper on the shoulder with leather accent and the cute elbow patches.  Now THAT is the BR I know and love!  Oh how I've missed these special embellishments...

The sale lasts all weekend, so check your email for details or let me know if you need me to forward you a coupon as I have one extra in my inbox thanks to a friend!

Happy Fall Shopping!


hw said...

I was just at the Eaton Centre location and was curious why BR was so packed?! WOW! What a great deal! I did not receive a coupon- do you know how I could go about getting one?


Victoria Hughes Al-Samadi said...

hw - email me at and i will send you one :)

Cynthia said...

I only found two pieces at the Eaton Centre yesterday, but hey, at least it was 50% off (paid just under $90!!) :) As for Yorkdale having the most selection, I disagree with you on that, at least when it comes to petites. For a store of its size, I found it to be super tiny and find that I have more success at Bloor and The Eaton Centre.