Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where to get a Stylish & Cool Men's Tuxedo!

J.Crew Men's Tuxedo
If you're a man and you're over the age of 25, I highly recommend you invest in purchasing yourself a real tuxedo.  Such a garment isn't just for the upper class.  It's the 21st century boys, and there are several moments in a professional man's life where a tuxedo will be a fitting choice.

You could rent one, of course...but you can only get it truly tailored to your own body if it's yours.  And no matter where you buy it, trust me - you'll want a bit of tailoring done to give it a truly bespoke look.

Imagine it: the jacket taken in just enough at the waist so that it is slimming without being snug with the buttons done up.  The arms the perfect length so that they finish at the wristbone with enough room to show a half-inch of the dress shirt cuff beneath.  The pant legs hemmed at exactly the right spot to break (and cause a horizontal crease) on the top of your shoe - where your tailor has hemmed the pants to fall halfway between the top of your dress shoe (loafer style) and the sole.  

J.Crew Tuxedo Shirt and Bow Tie
So after you get this tuxedo of your very own tailored to the body of your very own, where are you going to wear it?

#1 would be your wedding.  Wouldn't you rather be in your own tuxedo on such a special day than in something that has been worn dozens of times and certainly doesn't fit you as well as it could?  There will be few times in your life where more pictures will be taken of you, with many ending up framed in countless houses (including your own) so wouldn't you like to look your very best?

#2 would be your friends' weddings.  If you've got friends, then once you hit 25, they're going to start getting engaged by the droves.  If you've got good friends, then you're going to get asked to be in wedding parties.  Even if the groom chooses some coloured or patterned vests and bow ties to coordinate the party with the bridesmaids, you can still just rent those two items and make the rest your own.  You'll look almost the same as everyone else - the only difference will be that you'll look much better (only most people won't be able to put their finger on why).

Boss Black Tuxedo at Nordstrom
#3 would be formal work events.  If you've entered a profession where grad school was involved, such as law, finance, accounting, medicine, or media - or you're dating/married to someone who is - you'll undoubtedly be attending fundraisers and formal holiday parties.  Wear it with a simple black tie and you'll feel a little less wedding-y.  And if you plan on moving up in your profession (or helping your significant other to do so), it's not a bad idea to dress as well as the CEO.  As the saying goes: dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Bush's Menswear Burlington
Don't know where to start shopping for a modern and stylish tux?  You can't go wrong with the affordability, quality, and panache of J.Crew these days.  Check out their black tie shop and you'll find tuxedos crafted of italian wool with attention to the smallest of details and get the entire head to toe look for well under $1000.   Or hit the online black tie shop at Nordstrom and grab brands like Boss Black or Joseph Abboud under $1k, or upgrade to Armani for less than $2k.   And when you're considering cost, just think: if you end up getting that promotion, it will have paid for itself a thousand times over!

If you need to RENT a stylish Tuxedo for prom or graduation or a special event - and you live in the Burlington area - check out Bush's Menswear on Brant Street.  They've got you covered!

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