Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And Another Rainboot Enters the Field...

Incase you don't quite feel like joining the masses in their adoration of classic Hunter wellies, you now have another fun option with a lighter overall weight and undisputed comfort: Crocs.

Six years ago I absolutely would have thrown-up if you told me I would be wearing Crocs one day.  Yet here I am, fully ensconced in suburbia, and the convenience of my little copper Crocs cannot be denied.  They are absolutely perfect when I am washing the car.  Totally amazing all winter on the cold hardwood floors in my house and have outlasted numerous pairs of traditional 'slippers'.  Always clean.  Always fresh.  Look the same as the day I bought 'em.  I'm not suggesting you start wearing them to work (unless you're a nurse), but they actually do serve many a solid purpose.

Anyhoo...back to the boots.  I'm kinda put-off by the sticker price ($94.99) but I can't argue with how fun the colours are, and the fact that they come with a cute & soft inner lining for extra warmth.

Hunter wellies start at $155 at The Bay, and have no lining.  Many people buy the liner socks, which add another $40 to the price tag.  So the Crocs option puts you at half of that, a pretty significant savings.  But how much do I love these Hunter Brit boots???  At $235...if only!

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