Monday, October 22, 2012

Zooey Dresses Anyone?

I know everyone is already saying this season of New Girl isn't as great as the first season (last year) but whatevs.  That's only because Season 1 was so mind-bogglingly funny and awesome and original that it was just impossible to live up to.  I absolutely adore it for a long list of good reasons: it's silly and witty and sexy and the guy characters are truly layered and funny, as are the supporting female characters.  Of course, I mostly adore it because of lead actress Zooey Deschanel, with her mile long lashes and her unapologetic affinity for all things girlie and sparkly.  I'm not sure where Zooey's personality ends and her character Jess's begins, but in my mind they're almost the same person (and please don't spoil my fun by suggesting otherwise).   The website she's a part of - Hello Giggles - further cements my belief as it is made for "smart, independent and creative females"- yay!  If you're not watching and you like hilarity, then please watch it because it's honestly one of my favourite shows of all time and if it ever got cancelled because not enough people were watching then I may have to cancel my cable altogether.

Anyway...let's focus this blog post for a second, because the reason I mention all the above is because I'm just super in love with Old Navy's new line of fall dresses.  They remind me of Zooey/Jess in all her 50's dress silhouette glory, nipped in at the waist with flowing skirts, in fun, happy colours that you will find impossible to walk around in without smiling contagiously.  Oh, and at prices around the $30 mark (this purple one is just $29.94) how can you not?  Throw a blazer on over top and some opaque tights and you're set all through fall & winter!  I own two already.

The theme song will be playing in your head all day when you wear one.

Who's that girl?....It's JESS.  xo 

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