Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cool, Pretty Stationary: See Jane Work

I keep forgetting to share this site with you - See Jane Work.  If you're anything like me and you go crazy for pretty, colourful, funky stationary, this site will become your go-to for office essentials, day planners, and more.

So few great stationary stores exist these days.  Burlington (where I live) is sorely missing one and I just can't keep going to Staples and coming face to face with the most boring and corporate of office supplies anymore.  Oakville has Write Impressions, and Toronto has one of my faves: Essence du Papier.  But Burlington?  Nope.  We got nuthin.  It's really getting on my nerves!

So...that's why I daydream about buying everything from See Jane Work.  Have a look and you'll instantly see why.  You'll find brands you never knew you'd love, and stellar names like Kate Spade too.

My must haves today are these colourful happy thumbtacks (I have 4 corkboards in my home office) and this city-themed pencil holder and tray.  So stylish!


monica graves said...

oooooohhhh those thumbtacks are sweet! Thanks for the great tip! I WANT the Goldfish Pencil Sharpener!

Victoria Hughes Al-Samadi said...

You're welcome Monica ;)