Monday, March 25, 2013

The Verdict: Target Burlington Review

I'm not one to enjoy big-box shopping, but I had to check out the Canadian version of Target for myself.  Despite hearing mixed reviews online and in the news (product shortages, long lines, poor service), I have to say that I came away having had a very pleasant experience.

Even with two kids in tow, I found plenty of parking (keep in mind it was 4pm on a Monday), a clean & bright store environment, excellent merchandising and cool displays, and lots of friendly & helpful staff.  Staff chatted with my kids about Easter, staff checked in with me as I shopped, staff watched my kids for a minute while I jetted into the washroom, staff helped me find the shortest check-out line, and the person who rang us through was kind enough to shower my kids with free stickers and give me a genuine thank-you before I left.

If I'm up in that neighborhood anyway, it's nice to know there's also a new Starbucks to pop into - right inside the store.

I didn't have a list of items to get on this trip (aside from pickles and juice boxes), but I was nicely surprised to find something I had been trying to find for the past several weeks and couldn't (not at my favourite local boutique, not at other local shops either) - the summer wedge espadrille in black.  Cute, comfortable, and under $30.  Wow.  They're not the Tom's ones I would have preferred, and I'm not saying they're going to last me more than one season, but they'll get the job done this year and it's hard to argue with a price point like that.  Cute detail on the inner lining too!

I think for certain basic home items like groceries, summer backyard accessories, and a few kids items here and there, I might even go back again sometime!

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