Thursday, August 22, 2013

Girls Jeggings & Storage Bins on Sale: $5 at Walmart

$5 Girls Jeggings
A couple of stellar Back to School deals I just had to share with you today...

$5 Jeggings are first.  Can't beat the price, can't beat the colours and can't beat the fit!

These jeggings are so cute for girls. Even at their regular price of $7. But today they're $5 and they come in purple, denim blue, green, pink...and the best part is the elasticized waistband which eliminates any worry about fit.

$5 Sterilite 68L Totes
I can never find jeans and pants that fit my daughter as they're usually far too big around the waist. It's hard to get elasticized waistbands at age 5 and up, so these were a pleasure to find when I hit Walmart today to visit their delightfully quick and rarely busy Walk-In Clinic.  FYI, if you live in Burlington, I highly recommend that clinic if you appreciate short wait times, competent physicians, and instant forwarding of prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice.

Back to the deals...

Walmart also has their big 68L storage bins on sale too, which are what my basement is always stocked with. They are seriously sturdy, including the lid clasps, they stack on top of one another perfectly, and they have already lasted me for years. I challenge you to ever find a better price than $5 for this size.  I just bought 8 more to add to my seemingly endless collection... I'm not a pack rat - it's honestly mostly Christmas ornaments in the bins - I swear!  You know you'll need some to put away the summer clothes and towels and backyard toys soon.  Stocking up at $5 is pretty easy.

Seems like a great day to hit Walmart if you ask me :)

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