Friday, August 2, 2013

Back To School Shopping Sales. Yeah...already.

Hard to believe there are only four weeks left until school starts again. Am I the only one who thinks this summer is flying by?

If you feel like getting a jump start on Back to School Shopping, there are some stellar deals out there right now. Personally I like to start early so that I don't scramble at the last minute and end up spending more money than necessary just because I'm too pressed for time to shop around for deals.

Old Navy has a great Back To School Sale where staples like jeans are just $10, tees start at $5, and uniform basics like polos start at $5 too. You can really build a substantial wardrobe for under $100 with pieces like these. Backpacks start at just $9, and lunch bags at $7.  Shoes ($10), hairbands ($4) and socks (3 pair for $6) round out everything you need to send your kiddies out the door for the day.

The Old Navy sale ends on August 14th, so you've got lots of time to browse online or in-store.

Joe Fresh is finally offering a great deal on clothing. I have been saying for a while now that their prices have substantially increased in the past two years, and rarely do they ever have something I would consider a "sale". Sure, they markdown odds & ends when stock gets a bit old, but despite really great fashion & styling, I rarely go there on purpose anymore given their prices are no longer so competitive.  Fortunately, they're having a denim sale for kids right now where you can get two pairs of jeans for just $12!  That's half price. Not bad!  You have to go in-store though as they don't offer online shopping.

Before you start buying, here are my tips for making sure you don't overspend or underbuy.

1. Go through your kids' closet. Remove all items that no longer fit (having your kid present to try things on is a must - I recommend early in the day on a full stomach for minimal fussing).

2. Take items in good condition to a second hand store and make some money back. Take the items that don't make the cut to a donation bin.

3. Think through what your child needs in order to last through a week of school before you can do laundry again. Remember the many seasonal changes that happen in September and October. You need to be able to layer. The morning can start out chilly and become sunny and warm by afternoon. October often has highs and lows all in one day. Recess happens at least twice a day and temps can be totally different from one to the next. Rainy days require protection from the elements on the walk to and from school. You have to provide that extra "change of clothes" outfit for their cubby/locker too.  See my Back To School Shopping Master List below for the minimum basics I recommend you have to make your life as easy as possible.

4. Compare the list with what's in your closet and go scoop up whatever is missing while it's in-stock and on sale! In the meantime, enjoy the last weeks of summer ~ xo

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