Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kids Consignment in Burlington

There are a couple of options for consignment of kids clothing and accessories in Burlington, Ontario.  This is a good thing, since all us parents know how insanely expensive raising kids can be.  Would you believe that in the past 3 years we have owned 4 different strollers?  Yeah.  Ridiculous.

Once Upon A Child
Anyhoo... Consignment Shops are not only great places to FIND great deals when you need something new (albeit gently used), but they're a great way to make money when you have something to SELL!  I know you could sell things on Kijiji or Craigs List, but although you might get a bit more profit, sometimes that feels like a lot more work and a bit of a risk.  I'm tired of meeting people in random parking lots or worrying when I give out my home address, aren't you?

The best place to go for strollers, clothing, shoes and toys is Once Upon a Child.  The staff there are well-oiled machines of efficiency and they'll take in your goods, look 'em over with a scrutinizing eye (no stains or broken items please) and give you a dollar amount of what they'll offer you in less than an hour.  Don't bring items with smoky smells either please.  They are looking for great brands in great condition.  The best part is that they pay you right away, so you will leave with cash on hand!  The only downside to this shop is how absolutely crammed it is.  It is definitely a bit of a challenge to shop, as things are so packed in.  But if you have the time (leave the kids at home) then it's always worth it.  Where else can you get a used jolly jumper or 5 pairs of BabyGap jeans?  

Twice The Fun
If you like a less hectic atmosphere, I love Twice the Fun.  It's a little less overwhelming.  The prices are amazing, and you can get some great brands.  You won't find items like strollers and toys, but it's great for clothing.  If you want to sell items, they'll take them in and give you an account number, and then you can check back every month to see if your items have "sold", and pop by to collect your percentage.  

2 Sweaters, Knit Dress, Tee, and Skirt: $21.75!
I popped in yesterday and grabbed two gorgeous cardigans (one Ralph Lauren!), an adorable bubble skirt, a knit sweater dress and a sparkly tee for my daughter and it all only cost $21.75.  A new Ralph Lauren girl's cardi in the store will run you over $40, so I think you can appreciate the gravity of these savings.  HUGE! 

You'll find Revolver Clothing next door with used clothing for adults, so it's a great way for parents to save on their own wardrobes as well!

So when you think about shopping for Back To School, why not stop by a consignment shop before hitting the mall! You help other families recoup some money, you help local business owners, and you help recycle perfectly good clothing!  Win-Win-Win!

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