Monday, October 7, 2013

Beaver Canoe is BACK!

Ahhh...the 80's. I remember them well. What stands out most?  Well, even more than the boy I had a serious crush on (his name was Victor), my first kiss (that was Ian), the annoying mean-girl politics of Grade 7&8 (torture), and even the music (Thompson Twins, Platinum Blonde, Def Leppard and Inxs) what stands out to me is the fashion!

Seriously, getting dressed for school every day in Grades 7 and 8 was basically a life or death decision. And by life, I mean 'social life' of course.  I can't even tell you how bad the outfit I wore was on my first day at the new school I had to transfer to for those grades. The pants and top were the SAME material, and it was a small royal blue and black checker print and the pants had stirrups!  OMG stirrup pants!  The horror.

Over time, I would stop being so matchy-matchy and instead embrace the concept of jeans/jean skirts and baggy sweatshirts. Where were those baggy sweatshirts from, you ask?  One of three places: Cotton Ginny, Roots, or Beaver Canoe.

I don't know when or why Beaver Canoe ultimately went away, but it's BACK (thank you Roots) and it's at Target. It looks exactly the same, with the vintage logo and the great sweatpants. It makes me want to curl up and watch Sixteen Candles for the millionth time and doodle Victor's name in my binder all over again :)

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