Saturday, October 5, 2013

Miley vs. Sinead - Another Woman vs. Woman Embarassment

This topic irritates me too much to spend too much time on, so I'll be brief.

It's never ok for women to publicly shame other women. Not regarding their sexuality (or how they choose to express it), not about their battles with fame and mental illness, and not about the state of their families or careers. It's especially not ok to do it - so obviously - just to gain additional publicity for a record they're releasing in 3 days (Miley) or a U.S. tour they're embarking on next month (Sinead). True support could have - and should have - been offered privately. While acting like children, they're both benefiting from the additional press, but in doing so they're modelling this terrible behaviour for all the women (and girls) watching them take shots at each other in the worst possible ways.

This is public bullying for profit and press, pure and simple.

As women, we're all doing the best we can, and it would be infinitely easier if other women would just be supportive instead of self-serving, competitive and judgemental.

Grow up girls. We all deserve better behaviour and class from those blessed with fame and fortune.

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