Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Photo Pendants & Personalized Jewellery

Personalized jewellery has been around a long time, but I don't think it ever became fashionable until the Carrie necklace made its debut on Sex & The City.  Wearing your own name could easily be mistaken for vanity, but on Carrie, it seemed to shout independence instead. It represented staying true to yourself and always remembering to honour your own dreams and what you need and deserve. Sales of such necklaces skyrocketed, as did almost any item featured on that show.

Once you become a mom, the expression of personalization often turns outward to the love and pride you feel for your kids. You're amazed at how your body made it through childbirth, or how your emotions made it through adoption or fertility treatments, and you're extremely proud that you survived the first couple of years of zero sleep along with all the arguments over who would get up that night with a sick child. You realize you never knew you could love someone so much, and you want to wear something that signifies those beautiful emotions all the time.

One of my favourite creators of such jewellery are the team of Amy Montgomery (brilliant photographer of children & families) and Jenn Fenton (genius jewellery designer). When these two women come together, the results are spectacular every time! If you're thinking about personalized jewellery, make an appointment for this upcoming event at Joelle's. You'll end up with a sparkling and gorgeous reminder of what you love most in life.

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