Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 Burlington Santa Claus Parade Route and Times

It's parade time again!  The Burlington Santa Claus Parade is coming up this Sunday, December 1st from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  

If you want me to be technically correct, I'll call it the Christmas Parade, as it has been officially named, but I'm not sure why we call it that.  Is there any child on that parade route who isn't there specifically for Santa?  I mean, give the guy his due.  He owns that show.

Let's start by thanking Mother Nature for blessing us with drastically frigid temperatures just in time for this event. It's really helpful since I so enjoy standing still on a street corner in subzero temps. Totally my ideal day.  At least it is starting to feel a little Christmasy as a result. Last year's snow-less "green" Christmas really bummed me out.

Are you now going to ask "Hey Victoria, what is the Burlington Santa Claus Parade Route this year? " Well, it's basically the same as every year so stop asking :)  It starts at the Burlington Mall (Guelph Line and Prospect Street), heads south on Guelph Line, goes west on New Street (fyi: New St. turns into James St. at Martha St., and no, I don't know why), goes all the way to Brant Street, then heads north on Brant Street.

You can stand or sit anywhere along that route you like (well, not ON the road, but that's obvious, right?)  

I recommend you bring the following:

1. A thermos of hot chocolate, coffee, or a mixture thereof
2. Your warmest boots, coat, hat and mitts
3. A snack for the kids
4. Your camera/phone

Recommended FREE parking:

1. At the Burlington Mall parking lot
2. Side streets all along the route (but be sure they are accessible from non-parade-route streets or you'll be trapped afterwards while cleanup is done
3. Downtown Burlington!  Yes, you heard me right.  Didn't you hear yet?...


That's right - you can take a FREE P anywhere you like downtown this holiday season.  So awesome.

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