Monday, November 25, 2013

Half Price Christmas Ornaments and Trees on Sale at Target

Just had to share, since I challenge you - no, I DARE you, to find a better deal than a $25 pre-lit tree. 

I bought this medium sized tree yesterday (it's almost 6 ft tall) so that I could rile up my husband and round out the ridiculousness this year by having three Christmas trees.  A real tree (not till December though, I'm not completely insane), along with my daughter's pinkalicious tree, and now this blue-themed tree for my son.  C'mon - my daughter can't have her own tree and then my son doesn't get one right? That's just cruel. 

No, I didn't pick "blue" to be all gender-stereotypey so calm down. I just picked it because I had a stockpile of blue ornaments in my basement and they were begging to come out and play this year. 

Half price ornaments and trees on sale now at Target until November 28th. 

If you're in the mood for the crème de la crème of ornaments and decor, check back tomorrow after I pop by Centro Garden's new (next-door) store L'amore di Fare.  I can't wait!

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