Friday, December 20, 2013

The 48-Hour Christmas Prep Plan

Last minute Christmas shopping anyone? I hope you are almost finished and ready to relax with friends and loved ones in the coming days, but deep down I know that most of you are NOT. Yeah, I'm talking to you Ms. Procrastinator. You're already telling me you're stressed out and you'll never be ready in time. Well, I am here to tell you to get your act in gear over the next 48 hours so that you will have a full day to unwind before the madness begins, ensuring that you are rested and able to actually enjoy yourself. 

I've put together a little plan for you so that by Sunday night, you'll be all set with a full day to spare. 


1. Today, Friday Dec 20th. 

Tonight it is all about booze. When isn't it, really? No, seriously, you gotta get to the liquor store my friend. Do NOT leave your trip to the LCBO for Dec 24th. I have seen many years where the lineup is literally snaking around the entire store and then out on to the sidewalk. Do you have the kind of time and patience to wait in a line like that? No, you don't. So make today your day to grab wine, beer, and champagne. You will not regret this. When you get home tonight, sit down and make a grocery list for any meals you are hosting (or bringing food to), and any outstanding gifts you have to get, itemized by person. Beside each item, write out what store you can get it at and try to narrow it all down to stores that overlap for multiple items. Try to shop local. The roads will be a mess all weekend, so the less driving, the better. Clean out all the expired food and veg from your fridge. That's all you need to do today. Go get some sleep. I know it's Friday night, but you need your rest or you'll risk getting run down and sick. 

2. Saturday, Dec 21st. 

last minute holiday shopping prep plan
Costco Lineup on December 23rd. 
Part 1: Wake up by 8am. Quick shower. Get to the grocery store before 9am. Again, you will not regret this. After 9:30 the grocery store is going to turn into a zoo. (UPDATE: This picture at the right is the lineup at Costco from December 23rd. Hope you're not in it!) Grab all the supplies you need for the next full week of meals (remember, stores are closed on the 25th so you don't want to run out of milk on the 24th, right?). Also, inclement weather is totally in the forecast. You don't want to be rushing around in freezing rain trying to get what you need. Grab staples like healthy snacks, veggies, juice, soup, cheese and a loaf of bread. You're home by 10:30am putting it all away. Sit down and put your feet up for at least 20 uninterrupted minutes with a cup of tea or coffee and take a few deep breaths. Make sure your phone is charging. You might need it later. Back out the door by 11:30 tops.

Part2: Grab your shopping plan (the one you narrowed down to the fewest stores last night) and tackle the shops. Drive slowly. You've got time. Don't aim for the parking spot near the door. Exercise is good. Don't wear a hot, heavy coat. Wear comfortable shoes. Put a bottle of water and a granola bar in your purse. Take deep breaths. Be friendly to retail employees. Be courteous to other shoppers. Smile often. Say thank you too. Check instagram while you're waiting in line. Don't forget wrapping paper, tissue, gift tags and tape. Double check you have your phone, purse and all your purchases before you leave each store. You'll be home before dinner, I promise. If you can't get out until later on, don't worry. All the malls have extended hours, and shops like Target and Wal-mart are open even later. You'll get it all done and it's just one day of crazy, that's all.

Part3: Unload the car, store your receipts in a safe place, have some dinner and watch a Christmas movie with a glass of wine. You're done for today.

3. Sunday, December 22nd.

Sleep in. Have a leisurely cup of coffee. It's time to wrap. Put some Christmas music on while you do it. When you're done, do the general house cleaning. Vacuum, dust, windex, and bathrooms. Don't get ambitious and consider reorganizing your closets or your pantry. This will do just fine for all your guests. You're done by mid-afternoon.


See? You've still got Sunday night and all day Monday to relax before you even have to say "Christmas Eve".

Good luck my friends. Have a wonderful weekend-before-Christmas.


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