Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day 2013

Today I'm going to follow the lead of some of my favourite local shops, and just chill today. After such a lovely Christmas day being spoiled with both gifts and quality time with family & friends, I can't even begin to think about shopping right now.

I saw many an online retailer begin their Boxing Day Sales right on Christmas Day, and it actually scared me a little. Nothing is sacred anymore! I think it's important to protect ourselves from working and spending on at least one day of the year, don't you? 

I have relatives who still have no power today. It's been 5 days now, despite the most impressive and tireless efforts of the many dedicated hydro workers who have given up their hard-earned vacation time to help their fellow Canadians get warm again. My Dad worked for Burlington Hydro his entire adult life. It would have killed him to leave us on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but I know he would have done it too. It's been a joy to see how so many people have rallied together, being flexible in changing their holiday plans to host dinners that could no longer happen in their original locales thanks to ovens that wouldn't turn on, and freezing dining rooms. There are absolutely places in the world with much bigger problems, but regardless, spending Christmas in the cold and in the dark can't be easy.

Today I will soak up more time with the kids. Maybe tobogganing. Maybe a little backyard fort-making. Maybe read through my new cookbook and enjoy an extra cup of coffee on the living room sofa.

But definitely, certainly, no shopping.

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