Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring 2014 Trends: Florals

Girlish. Traditional. Feminine. That's what florals have always been.

Remember the early 90's when everyone was wearing those long floral dresses from places like Laura Ashley and Northern Reflections? It was quite the moment in conservative dressing, I must say. I had several such dresses, and when I look back at those photos, the level of cringe is just epic. Part of the cringe is seeing my poor choice of hair colour and bang styling, but part of it is how insanely matronly I look.

It just goes to prove the point that women dress for other women (and whatever they think is stylish at the moment), and not for men. How I ever got a date in those dresses is beyond me. I looked like I'd never partied a day in my life.

Still, florals are timeless, and this year they're back in edgy cropped tops, flowing blouses, finely knit sweatshirts and fitted pencil skirts. It's a vast improvement over past incarnations, so embrace it (in small doses) ladies.

2014 Spring Floral Fashion by Zara, Forever 21 and J.Crew

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