Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mabel's Labels SALE On Now!

Mabel's Labels are simply MUST HAVE items for your kids. These handy stick-on labels for clothing, bags, shoes, mitts, lunchbox items, etc... make losing precious items a thing of the past. They truly STAY ON, and compared to other do-it-yourself options I've already tried (in an attempt to be frugal) from stores like Staples, Mabel's Labels cannot be beat.

Mabel's Labels Sale
These labels last. I mean they last through washes in the dishwasher or laundry machine, through sprinklers and sporting events, through hundreds of on-off routines with little boy's shoes...they seriously LAST.

And with 40% off right now - 40% OFF - the value is unbeatable.  There are 4 separate deals happening, but I highly recommend the Big Kaboodle combo because the shoe labels are amazing and there's so much versatility in the label sizes.

This deal only lasts until midnight on Tuesday, so get moving and grab a huge supply that I guarantee you will absolutely use.  

Head over to the Mabel's Labels Spring 2014 Sale here.

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