Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oscars Recap 2014

Another year, another Oscars. But this year was one of the most fun, engaging, exciting Oscars races I've seen in some time!

With amazing, memorable, quality movies like 12 Years a Slave and Gravity competing, and truly talented megawatt movie stars in the mix, you knew the show would be special.

Lupita Oscars 2014 Best Dressed List
Rather than just tell you who was wearing the best dress (Lupita N'yongo in subtle sparkling Cinderella blue - call it Nairobi blue if you want but I clearly remember seeing it first on Cinderella), I thought I'd just mention how lovely it is to get together with some of your funnest friends to watch such a telecast.

Remember the days of appointment-viewing tv?  When you couldn't PVR it? When you couldn't watch it again on YouTube later? When you couldn't read about the highlights you missed while you were in the washroom until you got the morning paper? Those moments don't happen much anymore. You can "share" the experience now with zillions of people on twitter and not even need other live human beings in your house anymore. Well, as much time as I spend online, I'm honestly not a fan of living entirely virtually, so I had a few lovely ladies over to watch the show at my place.

It was truly insightful to hear all the chatter about what was said in the speeches, what was worn on the red carpet, what movies deserved the hardware and what could have possessed certain hair-challenged people to completely mispronounce a modern-day-broadway-legend's name.

It was lovely to see friends walk in with arms full of flowers (so appreciated after such a long winter), bottles of champagne and bags full of popcorn and candy.

Oscar Party Ideas

It was genuinely and simply nice to squeeze together on couches and clink our glasses at the very rare occasion that prompts us all to take a few hours together and enjoy some laughs and friendship.

The Oscars rewards industry professionals for their excellent work throughout the year, but they also reward me and my friends with memories and time together that no golden statue could outshine.

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