Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring 2014 Trends: Handbags

This spring is all about two types of handbag: the cross body and the satchel. Both are extremely versatile and the best thing about the designs coming out this year is that they are infused with great structure, detail, and COLOUR!

I love the cross body bag for shopping trips and day trips. It lets me travel light, keep my hands free, but still take the essentials wherever I go: wallet, lipgloss, compact, keys and phone. What more do you really need anyway? There's nothing better than walking around sightseeing or window shopping and having your hands free to hold an iced coffee or somebody's hand. Plus, you never have to worry about setting it down somewhere while you look at something, and then forgetting it!

Get one with some bling on it (the multi-coloured studded Christian Louboutin one below will only cost you around $1500...) and you've got a GREAT bag for a night on the town that will let you dance the night away without leaving your purse at the table!

Clockwise from top left: Banana Republic, Target, Louboutin, Rebecca Minkoff @ Joelle's, J.Crew

As for the satchel, this is a great bag for work and for travel. The train on your commute to work. The plane ride. The road trip. The conference. It holds a LOT and still looks so chic. You'll fit all your essentials plus a scarf if you get chilly, a pair of ballet flats incase your heels start to hurt you, and some extra tech like an ipad or netbook.

Clockwise from top left: M.Kors, J.Crew, Zara, Target, Forever 21 (center), Banana Republic

This spring you can find a great handbag - satchel, cross body or both - in every shade of the rainbow and every price point too. From Target to Forever 21 to J.Crew and Neiman Marcus, to local boutiques like Joelle's - there's something for everyone, I promise.

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