Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How do we say thank you?

Joelle and Jeff Cooling
It is enough of a public service, in my opinion, that these two help keep Burlingtonians hip and stylish - with fabulous clothes and style advice on a daily basis at their respective shops, Joelle's and Jeff's Guyshop.

But last night, as usual, they did what they do best - gave back to the community.

We all know and love someone (and likely lost someone) to breast cancer. We know the heartache and fear in the diagnosis, and we know the agony of watching them face wait times and uncertainty as they try to get information, treatment and make their way to good health again.

Joelle and Jeff knew they could do something to help make this road just a little easier, and last night at their fundraiser and fashion show, they raised tens of thousands of dollars toward the purchase of a new digital mammography machine with biopsy attachment for our local hospital: Joseph Brant. Having this state-of-the-art machine onsite will help local women gain access to diagnosis and treatment faster, meaning the chance of a healthy outcome significantly grows.

How do we say thank you for this? Their generosity - both financially but also - more importantly - through the countless hours and tireless months they put into the planning and execution of this event, cannot be measured. They inspire us all to get involved and help one another, knowing one day it may very well be ourselves that we have helped.

Thank you to all the many volunteers and sponsors and generous attendees who made last night happen, and most of all, thank you to Joelle and Jeff. You set a remarkable example for our community, and we are beyond grateful.


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Anonymous said...

Very Well Done! It was memorable, personal, fun, and effective!
I loved seeing all the fabulous outfits that the guests wore to participate in your theme and the fashion show was intoxicating! How could you not want to stop into Joelle & Jeff's to pick out a couple outfits after a night like that!
Kelley :)
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