Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Last-Minute Teacher's Gift Ideas

This time of year is so busy...planning summer camps and vacations, trying to get your kids to bring home their winter hats & gloves from the Lost & Found, and figuring out what to get your kids' teachers and daycare workers as a thank-you gift!

We're all on a budget, and when your kids have more than one teacher it can be hard to show your gratitude without breaking the bank, but there are thoughtful gifts that can be purchased or hand-made that will easily do the trick!

I love this monogrammed travel mug from ChaptersIndigo. At $9, you can order several online and have them shipped right to your house, helping cut down on your errands at this crazy time of year! I haven't seen them in the stores, so online might be where you have to get them regardless. Did you know shipping is free if you spend over $25? That's far less of a minimum than most online retailers.

I know, I know - a mug is pretty lame and predictable, but a monogrammed mug shows effort and personalization. Plus, this one is so pretty, who wouldn't want one?

Speaking of coffee (or tea), what teacher isn't going to kick their feet up throughout July and August mornings and enjoy a few leisurely starts to the day? And what better way to do that than with a favourite morning beverage and some magazines? Why not fill a gift bag with some ways to enjoy summer mornings, like a bag of coffee beans or a box of gourmet tea, plus a few magazines you know they'll enjoy and a note telling them to make the most of those quiet mornings?

If you have a daycare-aged child with multiple teachers, I love the idea of grabbing a box of mason jars (Canadian Tire always has them and you can get a box of 12 for just $7.99) and then filling them with something special. 

Grab some loose flowers from a local florist, or some wildflowers from around the neighborhood, your backyard, or a nearby park or forest, then tie with a pretty ribbon and you're all set! Your favourite group of daycare workers will have something pretty for their home and they can reuse the mason jar for more flowers in the future. 

You could also switch the flowers for layers of Bulk Barn candy and treats - a sweet summer sendoff that they can share with their own family at home.

For those male teachers that are hard to buy for, I love a good summer graphic tee from Old Navy. Guys can never have enough t-shirts, and one that sums up the teacher's personality or how you feel about them is a great gift idea! 

I love this one with a quote from Anchorman, "I'm kind of a big deal". Given how much time your kid spent with this teacher last year, he is - undoubtedly - a big deal. Be careful with sizing and err on the slightly-big side. Cotton tees shrink in the dryer, and we all know most men don't hang their t-shirts on a wire rack to avoid shrinkage.

Cheers to all the teachers that helped our children grow and develop this year! Have a great summer vacation!

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