Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Roland Mouret for Banana Republic launches August 7th

Victoria Beckham in
RM's Moon Dress
Ah, Roland Mouret. French fashion designer, A-list favourite, constant sell-out.

Victoria Beckham made his moon dress famous, and you can see its influence in all the collections she has created in her own line since then - figure-hugging, fitted, classic and highly structured details. It's basically her staple and who can blame her. It's flattering beyond words on a wide variety of body types, and the structure accommodates curves in a surprisingly good way.

His Galaxy Dress from a few years back has been worn by almost every famous woman you can think of and it's sexy and elegant at the same time.

The Galaxy Dress by Roland Mouret

Of course, the price point makes his creations a little out-of-reach for us mortals. 

Fortunately, he's partnering with Banana Republic to do a capsule collection we can all afford. Launching August 7th, you'll be able to find gorgeous dresses, sweaters, pants and skirts with Roland Mouret's signature styling at a price both accessible and worth every penny. 

My fave is this one-shoulder colour block stroke of genius. Far more exciting than an LBD but with every ounce of the same elegance and timelessness. Check out the full collection's sneak peak here. Head to stores on the 7th (your best selection will be at larger stores like Yorkdale and Eaton Centre) to try them on for fit, or purchase online if you want to grab your faves before they (most likely) sell out FAST!

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