Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday Deals in Canada start NOW!

Just a few highlights for y'all, since I can't possibly tell you every single Black Friday deal there is... Well, I could, but you'd be scrolling for a long time.

Here are some of the best, in my humble opinion.

A few of Mastermind Toys Canada Black Friday Deals
Mastermind Toys: lots of truly good deals although unfortunately they're in-store only, so be my guest if you have time on Friday. I'll be at work. The stiga snow racer (essentially the GT Snowracer we all know and love from the 80's) is $20 off making it a GREAT deal at $99. If you're in Btown, you'll find this shop on Brant Street just south of the highway but there are locations all across Ontario. deals are ALREADY happening. Like, right now! Yes, a day early. This is no surprise. If you're looking for things like electronics (lots of 'em), Minecraft vinyl figures, a few toys and lots more.

Toys R Us: Online the sale starts at 12:01am on the 28th, so if you're up late, go crazy. You'll find half price deals on things like Skylanders, Lego, PS4s and XBoxes, but you'll ALREADY find early-bird deals on NOW so go go go!

Target (Canada): Black Friday starts on the 28th in-stores only (since they don't have a .ca website) so go if you're interested in deals on electronics, movies (a few hot new DVDs are only $10) and more.  Apple products like iPhones and iPads come with $50-$120 gift cards so that is worth it if you don't mind standing in a long line. I went last year - the line in the electronics department was long but at least well-mannered. TVs, tool sets, toys, home appliances, furniture, cameras and more. There are a lot of Black Friday deals there both in-store and online.  They ship for FREE so why leave the comfort of your own home?

Hope you get some holiday shopping done tonight or tomorrow and save some $$$ while you're at it!

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