Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas

Sometimes we might feel like the holiday season is getting a little too "commercial". Despite how much we enjoy the company of family & friends, and the twinkling lights and decorations, we can all get a little too caught up in spending sometimes. 

Last year my family decided that instead of gifts for the adults, we would donate to a charity that held meaning for us. We decided on the The Canadian Paramedic Benevolent Society, as it is quite dear to our hearts following the passing of my stepmother's beloved nephew Chris Snowball, who was only 38 (with 3 kids), while he was working as a primary card flight paramedic with Ornge Air Ambulance. Their helicopter crashed while out on a rescue, as you may remember as it was in the news quite often.

In past years, to say thank you to my incredible midwives after the safe delivery of my children, I donated to Plan Canada to help with safe newborn deliveries in developing countries. It seemed fitting given how happy I was to have healthy babies of my own.

World Vision is another great place to donate to people in need across the world. You can help stock a medical clinic, fund clean water access, or donate fruit trees to help kids' health thrive. Wouldn't it be a great teacher's gift to donate school supplies or fund sports & arts programs for children in need?

So if you've got enough "stuff" (don't we all?), consider a favourite charity or cause to donate your time and/or money to this Christmas!

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