Wednesday, October 14, 2015

COS is open in Toronto

H&M's sister line, COS (Collection of Style) is now open on Bloor Street in Toronto in the old Tiffany location just west of Bay St. It's a gorgeous and simple facade you can't miss. Love it.

Housing a carefully curated collection of minimalist basics in knits, wools and cottons, COS is far easier to navigate than jam-packed and more-discounted H&M, and the slightly elevated price points easily seem worth it based on the quality and longevity. These are definitely pieces you'll wear season after season, and mix & match with plenty of staples you already have in your wardrobe.

You won't find many bright colours or bold prints (at least not in the current collection), but I found it a delightful change from the overwhelming volume and visuals seen in many stores these days. It was a veritable sea of blacks, greys, and muted jewel tones as far as the eye could see. A few accessories like shoes and jewelry, but mostly clothes. 

An emerald green (and supersoft) dressy sweatshirt was $69. Dresses were around the $139 mark.

There was a children's section upstairs that is sure to please many a stylish downtown mom.

Worth checking out the next time you're in Yorkville.

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