Monday, February 15, 2016

The Best Underwear for Men Since Forever

Ok, maybe these aren't the best new underwear for men since FOREVER. Because at some point between the beginning of time and fig leaves and the invention of the cotton loom, there was probably a day where the advancement of underwear was truly the most epic. But these new My Pakage undies are a close second, I promise you.

And no, I'm not spelling it wrong. It's My Pakage.

I got a pair of these for my man for Valentine's Day, and (as expected) he winced and looked at me with his scrunchy-faced "what are these newfangled underwear you want me to try" look, and I promised him that all the guys in the neighborhood are raving about these and that he should take his old-man-attitude and just try them. Which he did. And he loooooooves them.

I grabbed the "Weekday Boxer Brief" model for the record.

They are seriously made of the softest smoothest material (a moisture-absorbing, breathable, shrink-free fabric made of modal & spandex) and they have what they call a "3-dimensional pouch" to hold all the bits and pieces without the need to ever shift or adjust it all day long.

They look great, they are super stylish (tons of cool prints and colours), and now, based on first-hand testimonials from within my own home, I can also confirm that they are, indeed, the best men's underwear ever.

Grab in Burlington at Jeff's Guy Shop ($30), or locations like West 49 (your local mall if the parking lot doesn't scare you).

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