Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Non Toxic Face Paint for Halloween!

This new favourite site of mine is local to Toronto and has a boutique selection of non toxic goodies for home and family that you'll absolutely love.

It's called MyNonToxicLife.ca and there's quite a team at the helm - an experienced Naturopathic Doctor and an equally experienced eCommerce Exec.

The medical brains is Dr. Sharleen Hawco, a licensed ND with a focus on Environmental Medicine and NonToxic Living. Her passion for helping families live healthy lives comes through in the products she has tested and chosen for this new site.

You'll love everything from baby clothes and accessories, cutting boards and food storage containers, to health and beauty products too.

The prices are great and shipping is free on orders above $30. I can speak from personal experience that the process is smooth and the products live up to the hype when they arrive!

I'm loving this option of non toxic face paint (just under $15) for Halloween since I need some to help turn my daughter into a bunny on the 31st. Wish me luck :)

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