Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shop #2: Marbled Meats. Local, free range and natural!

Day 2 of my June initiative to spotlight one great boutique business each day brings us to Oakville!  My husband & I stopped by a newly opened shop on Lakeshore last Sunday on our walk with the kids.  We had no idea what we were going to make for dinner but our problem was quickly solved when we found Marbled Meats

The owner - Tom Stasiuk - was on hand to give us all the details on his new venture.  According to Tom, the meats he sells are locally grown, fresh, free range and being retailed at 30%-50% off similar quality meats in other venues.  We were easily talked into a whole organic chicken, which Tom cut up for us on the spot since we knew we wouldn't eat the whole thing in one night.  He assured us it would taste better than anything we'd bought at a grocery store, and to come back for a full refund if we didn't agree.  Well...we agreed.  We lightly brushed 2 breasts with extra virgin olive oil, salt + pepper, and bbq'd them that night.  What an amazing taste.  Organic chicken is so much leaner, with less fat and water filler than grocery store chicken.  Tom has a great selection of local meats, and the best part is that they are fresh - never frozen.  Great concept, great service, great selection and a passionate owner - all the criteria for making my list of best boutique businesses!

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