Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Full Skirts are Back

Alice + Olivia Ball Skirt
I'm in a really feminine mood for Spring and it's only January.  By the end of February, I will be so immersed in the depths of my dreary winter despair, that I will be amassing clothes in bright colours and florals just to keep myself out of the asylum.

Some years we're all about neutrals or menswear or highly structured clothing, but for me, 2014 is going to be a very girlish spring.

One of the main ways I am going to spearhead this return to femininity is through the return of the full skirt. I can't even tell you how exhausted I am with skinny jeans, so the thought of pairing my favourite crewneck tshirts with a flowing floor-length explosion of colour (and likely florals) is already putting a sunny smile on my face. Maybe I'll wear them floor-length, or maybe I'll hem them mid-calve for more versatility.  Maybe one of each?

Wondering How To Wear a Full Skirt?  (tea-length skirt or ball skirt) It's a good question. I think the key, especially if you are wearing one to a non-black-tie occasion, is to not take it too seriously. Don't dress it up - Dress it down! A fitted high-quality crewneck tee with a bit of sheen (and a great bra) is a solid choice. A finely-knit unstructured sweater would be gorgeous. Understated jewellery. A casual cropped jacket. A cheeky shoe choice like a classic oxford. Ok, this is getting me really excited for spring!

Gifted Style Blogger, Hallie Swanson
My new obsession with full skirts in general comes thanks to the extraordinarily gifted style of fashion blogger Hallie Swanson of the Hallie Daily blog (I prefer to follow her on instagram @halliedaily). Her full skirts are just the right length for day, and she pairs them with insanely awesome choices from head to toe.  It's no wonder she was chosen as one of Vanity Fair's 2013 International Best Dressed List. I have no idea where she gets the budget to look that spectacular every single day, but I sure wish I had it!

I recently purchased a ball skirt I had my eye on from Lord & Taylor's exclusive 454 Fifth Avenue line. I noticed, as I read the new February issue of Oprah Magazine last night , that this line is coming out with even more full skirts (in beautiful bright colours) for spring in the coming months! 

Get out your lip gloss ladies. It's going to be a girlish spring for 2014!

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