Thursday, January 16, 2014

SJP Launches her own Designer Shoe Collection

Sometimes you see actresses playing characters on TV that you know they're nothing like in real life. They're wearing clothes that couldn't be more different than what you see them in when they're 'papped' getting coffee or out for dinner with friends. Lisa Kudrow is a good example of that for me, since I've never seen her in a single flowy bohemian outfit outside of an episode of Friends. She isn't goofy at all. She's extraordinarily smart and frank, and speaks multiple languages. When she played Phoebe, she was just being a really, really great actress.

Other actresses let their own personalities and style infuse their characters in a way that often elevates their performance and deepens the audience's connection with them. Sarah Jessica Parker is a perfect example. Where did the stylish and shoe-obsessed Sarah Jessica Parker end, and Carrie Bradshaw begin? That's a blurred line if ever I saw one.

SJP taking the world of shoe obsession to the masses on Sex and the City was nothing short of a cultural movement. Her role as Carrie Bradshaw is 100% responsible for my own pair of patent leather Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes. It's both totally appropriate and long-overdue that she is launching her own line of footwear this year, and it's no surprise that her business partner is George Malkemus, the CEO of Manolo Blahnik. 

On February 28th, be ready to shop. SJP's line of beautiful Italian-made shoes will be scooped up like crazy at Nordstrom. If you're lucky enough to live in NYC, watch for a 3-day Pop-Up Shop (location t.b.d.) where SJP herself will be making appearances between Feb 28 and Mar 2. 

The shoes themselves are all stunning, and just like another favourite designer of hers, Christian Louboutin, SJP has created a signature detail on all her shoes to let you know they're one of hers. A classic and elegant grosgrain ribbon right up the back seam. Understated and feminine perfection.  

Ranging between $200-$400 on average, a respectable price for Italian-made footwear, I think I'll start saving my pennies now. 

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